Monday, July 14, 2008

My life

My name is Noonnij Thavornrat nick name Rose.
I was born on may 29, 2001, 16 years ago at the Children hospital, Bangkok, Thailand.

I am blind because I was born premature. when my mother was pregnant she was sick of severe pre eclampsia , it means that my mother's body was very fat, when I was 7 months old she could not stand anymore so the doctor had to do surgery to deliver me out.

My weight was only 950 grams at that time. The doctors put me at the NICU right away but since I was so little the doctors had to provide me oxygen to save my life. Through the treatment procedure the oxygen I consumed could save my life but in contrary it also destroyed both of my eyes's nerve nearly completely. I was nearly blind ever since only can see about 1 foot away.

I am 16 years old now and studying at Haadyaivittayalai high school, Songkhla district, Thailand. This school is normal school and I am one of the five blind students studying here now.

On weekday I stay at the blind foundation called Haadyai Thammigchon fondation for the blind in Thailand. I have to stay here because the school is about 40 kilometers far away from my home.There are about 40 blind students here and I am one of them.

You may wonder how I study at the school. I started to read and write Braille language when I was 7 years old with the blind teacher Mrs.Nattakarn Pimpor. when I was 8 years old I started to studied at the normal school at Senanarong School, Haadyai, Songkhla Thailand.

When I study in the class my normal friends will explain me of what my teacher writes on the blackboard and I will write them in Braille. For my homework I will type them in normal letter with a typewriter and send it for the teacher to proof. My teachers can neither read nor write Braille.

My life has both happiness and sadness mingle together but I think I am quite lucky that I am in the happy family now. My parents understand us and give us love and enough warmness. We have 4 of us altogether In my family.

My father Mr.Thavisak Thavornrat age 54 years old.
My mother Mrs.Duangta Thavornrat age 50 Years old
Myself Miss Noonnij Thavornrat age 16 years old and
My younger sister Misss Rinjit Thavornrat age 12 years old now.

Currently my parents are staying together at Muang district of Songkhla Province. The place is close to the famous samila beach. There is a famous mermaid statue at the cape too. I stay with my family only on weekend.

My life at school is a good life because I know many of my normal eyesight friends. Sometimes some of my friends used quite rude words to me such as the fool blind girls or called my parents name but I would think that those words they said it because they did not know that it would hurt me deeply. They wouldn't say that if they had known correctly. I have forgiven them already.

I have a happy life in the blind foundation too because I live with many blind older and younger friends. Since we all are blind so we understand each other very well. Sometimes we quarrel but because we all are tired from the studying from the school outside.

My life at home I am very happy because when I come back home I can tell all my worry or sadness to my parents. They will comfort and encourage me. I am happy when I can talk and express my feelings out . My mother will hug and joke with me sometimes. I feel like all the burdens are moved out.

My mother ia a very kind lady because she is working as the social worker of the Songkhla Province hospital. My father is doing his own business but mainly is to look after our family. He has to look after my younger sister to go and pick her back from the school.

We have our grandfather staying with us too. He is 91 years old now but still as strong as the man at his age can be.

I love my parents, my sister and my grandfather very much because they are good to me and always make me laugh when I am sad.

Even I am blind but my heart is full of happiness and ready to fight to all problems and burdens. I have 2 knives in my mind. One knife is ruiner knife means the day when I am very sad and cry the other knife the new one is a sharp knife means the day when I am very happy and ready to fight to those heavy burdens.

I have the inspiration to write this article from my mother. She sees that I can write good articles in Thai language and I like it very much too. Thai language to me is easy to write, easy to understand and very fun to study it.

I wish that after I graduate from the Haadyaivittayalai high school I will futher study at the Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand.

I will study in faculty of Arts major subject Thai language because I want to be a teacher teaching those my fellow blind students. I want blind kids have good life as well as normal kids.

Another reason that I want to study at Thammasat University because both my parents have graduated from the old famous university. I want to be part of the family too.

Sometimes I am discouraging too that why I am born blind, why me? but when I read of other blind's life or their encourage articles I feel happy again.

This article I write it from my own feelings because I want other parents who have blind kids to read. Even though we are blind but our hearts are strong and normal. We can do many things if we are well trained and receive opportunities to show it out.

Please give us a chance.

Thank you.